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Humans of High River: Lee-Anne Murakami

Meet Lee-Anne Murakami – if you haven’t already! Lee-Anne has been a High Riverite for 35 years and has been an ACTIVE community member.  She’s worked at two business’s that don’t even exist anymore – a Bulk Food store and the Bowling Alley and at just about every Social Profit in town. A member of the FCSS board for 9 years and a smiling face at Colossi’s, you will recognize Lee-Annea by the camera hanging around her neck.  Lee-Anne has a gift for spotting wildlife and capturing moments of beauty in and around our community.  Her photographs can be found hanging in many places about town.

What Lee-Anne loves about High River is the beauty and the familiarity. She’s most proud of her kids and where’s she’s come from.  When asked about her big dreams Lee-Anne has a couple.  She’d love to own her own gallery someday where she would teach mindful photography and she’d like to be able to tell her own story in ways that might make the journey a little easier for someone else.

Finally we asked Lee-Anne what she would change in High River.  She talked about how much she loves some of the things happening, the High River Food Connection and the Progressive Supper held for Day of the Dead.  She would love to see more business’s working together, being collaborative rather than competitive!  It was inspiring to talk to Lee-Anne about her ideal world, I want to live there too.

Thanks for talking to us Lee-Anne!  If you have an idea for someone we could feature on Humans of High River send us a note.

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