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Emotional Safe Spot High River – Launch 2019 – Part 1 of a 4

The flood of water in June 2013 was followed by a couple of other floods.  The flood of volunteers and helpers, the flood of recovery specialists, the flood of researchers.  Each one left a mark, some visible some concealed. One of the things that was fortified during these floods was a connection between the professional […]

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Surviving the September Slam S.O.S: Self-Care, Organize and Say No!

Okay, deep breathe in, and out.  One more time.  This might be your first deep breath since the month started and she’s already ½ over!  September is full on go time as school kicks in, everyone is back from summer vacation and the years end seems to be hurtling at us at full speed. As […]

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20 Years of Service – Orvella Small & Foothills Special Needs Association for Parents & Siblings

2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of four social-profit agencies in High River (and surrounding communities). August 25th is a big celebration in George Lane Park! On Talk of Our Town this week we salute Foothills SNAPS Executive Director Orvella Small!

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