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Safe Spots

“People closest to the problem are more likely to find appropriate and sustainable solutions to the problem. Therefore, equip more citizens with the capacity to lead, and you’ll build a thriving community”

–Ian Hill, Community Builder

A group of people in our community saw a need for a warm hand, for a knowing ear, for an open heart.

When you are struggling socially or struggling emotionally it can take all you’ve got just to get up and going. Knowing what to do next can be daunting.

Knowing you need some help is the first step and we are getting better and better at reaching out.

Knowing where to reach out to or if that’s really what you need can be a speed bump in your journey to wellness. Maybe you just need to hear yourself think or let someone know that you are having a hard time.

We recognize that good helping is a skill and as part of our Community Capacity Project we, with the guidance of the Social Impact Partnership, have developed a training program to provide front line assistance for High River people in need. The Emotional Safe Spot Project has equipped agencies and organizations in town who help people with a 5 day training, when they have 2 people trained they get an orange dot for their window.

This orange dot, or the orange emotional well being lanyards indicate a person or place that is trained and willing to help. These are not intended to be counsellors, but first contact help in problem solving and making it easier to get you the help that you need.

Emotional Safe Spot Training

We partnered with the Crisis and Trauma Research Institute to develop a 5 day training.

We also trained our own trainers so that the program can continue.

We are hoping to have a 1 day citizen training available in 2020.