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We are part of a longer story. Our High River was created in 2014, with the following 
Vision and Mission:

A vibrant community where every person thrives.

Our High River is both an invitation and a call to action for every person in High River; an opportunity for passionate citizens to work collectively to create an enviable quality of life for everyone living in this community. We understand that it is our job to be involved, committed to and accountable for making the life we want in Our High River and we are willing to take it on.

The 4 C’s

In 2002 the group 4C’s (Caring Citizens Committed to Healthy Communities) was formed. This productive group created the High River Parent-Link Centre, Happy Trails walking path signage, teen/young adult health clinic, free Sunday swims/skates, the Community Wellness Challenges and more.

Social Sustainability Collective

This collective of professionals are linked by the common goal of community wellness. This group spearheaded Our High River as a way to engage citizens in their own wellness and their own community building. Members: 101 Centre (FFAS), Literacy for Life, Wildrose Community Connections, SNAPS, AHS Rural Addictions and Mental Health, High River Library, Foothills School Board and Christ the Redeemer School Board, Boys and Girls Club, Salvation Army, Foothills Catholic Immigrant Services, Rowan House, the Town of High River’s FCSS, and more.

Together, we are Doing it Better, Being Innovative, and Daring to be Different!


Our High River Summits I, II, III and Community Cafés have given us significant citizen feedback over the past 3 years, yearly summits will continue to ensure that Our High River meets its citizen driven mandate. Citizens action is also evident in events such as our community parades, the High River Show and Shine, and Block Parties. Others make a difference by joining committees, volunteering, or by helping a neighbour shovel their sidewalk.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs is a community checkup conducted by community foundations across Canada that measures Quality of Life. Our High River, in partnership with the Town of High River and the Calgary Foundation, initiated the Vital Signs assessment in 2016 and will continue to use this tool to assess High River’s environment, expression, heath & wellbeing, lifelong learning, livability, safety and security, and thriving populations.

The Town of High River’s Strategic Plan

The Town of High River’s Strategic Plan focus is being a ‘people first community’ with a focus on Quality of Life. The Town’s current branding is centred around High River as ‘Rooted in People”. Our High River is committed to inspire and influence community members to become active participants in creating a thriving.

** This website has no affiliation with the Town of High River. We are a citizen-driven group. **

The OHR Team

Jody Seeley

Community Engagement Orchestrator

Jody loves community and is thrilled to bring her 21+ broadcasting career to a new level with the OHR Team. Her mission is to inspire & coach citizens to take over & lead in their community. She wants to help people to create the town they wish to live in.

Fawna Bews


Fawna Bews, our Harmonizer, believes in the power of trusting people. Community is about relationship and Fawna's entire career has been about creating healthy relationships. In this role she will oversee strategy, ensure the team is well supported and look towards the sustainability of these projects.