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Humans of High River – Yousra Jomha

She’s known as the one of the most decorated Mortgage Brokers in Canada.

Our Yousra Jomha was just awarded the honour of being named a ‘Woman of Influence in 2018’ in all of Canada in her industry to add to that list of accolades.

She is proud of all these accomplishments, but when you sit at her desk in her office…you see her biggest achievements in life are her family.   A mother to 4 daughters and grandmother to 7 grand-kids.  In fact that is what she told us that she’s most proud of in her life.  This Human of High River has been in our community since 1990.  Prior to living in High River, she grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta. And was born in Lebanon.  For a time her family went back to Lebanon to learn about their roots and culture, (her first daughter was born there) but returned to her home in Canada.

Yousra is passionate about her business and supporting other business in our community.  She’s served as President of the Chamber of Commerce and has volunteered on that board since 2000. If you haven’t had the chance to meet her, pop into her office in the Emerson Lane Mall downtown.  You won’t meet another person who’s more jazzed about helping others find their way…especially women.  She’s a huge advocate for supporting women in our community.

Yoursa’s favourite thing about High River is – the people. “Their kindness and sincerity and acceptance.”  We asked Yousra if there was something she could change in High River and she said “I would love to change people’s perception that High River is not thriving.  We are!  Be patient.  Let her (High River) get back on her feet again.  Believe in her & stand behind her. (High River)”

#FunFact – It’s on Yousra’s bucketlist to learn to swim and to speak proper French and Spanish. (she’s also fluent in Arabic)

“What is meant for you to have, you will get in due time.” (Yousra Jomha)

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