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Humans of High River – Wade Nelson

Meet Wade Nelson, a Rancher in the County of Foothills…Father, Husband, Volunteer, Actionator!  You may or may not recognize the Nelson name…as his Great-Grandfather moved into our area before the war…so they’ve been ranching here for almost 100 years. (Talk about deep roots…)

When we called Wade to find out a little more about what he’s up to these days he answered all our questions “live from the tractor.” Wade is currently volunteering with the Highwood Memorial Centre board, the UCP Livingstone-Mcleod riding, the Federal Conservative Party Committee and the Ag Service Board with the County of Foothills.  His favourite thing about High River is the people. “I think anyone would say that about the community they live in…that’s not me being sappy it’s the real answer.” 

What do you feel most proud of in your life? “My family.  And my full family, the fact we are a three generation ranching family.” 

What skill would you like to learn? (or bucket list item) “I would like to learn to play an instrument, any one…or if I had to pick I think stand up bass would be cool.  And I’d like to learn organization.  Ask my wife – I have organizational dependency.” 

If you could help change something in High River, what would it be? “I would like to help get more people involved in the community.  


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