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Humans of High River – Tricia Rakos

She’s a new mom (5 months now) and a realtor with Century 21…High River, meet Tricia Rakos.  She moved into our community in 1989.  She’s a highly involved volunteer.  She sits on a Town of High River Board and Committee (You may have seen her in their recent recruitment campaign) and she’s been very involved with the Jumpstart Program and helping raise money for kids in our community to play sports.

What is your favourite thing about High River?  “The Happy Trails for sure!  I love them and I really like the balloon event.”

What do you feel most proud of in your life?  “My son!  And I am also really proud of the work we’ve done with the Jumpstart program…winning the award with Canadian Tire and helping so many children.”

What skill would you like to learn or bucketlist item?  “I’d like to take some chef/cooking classes to learn more and make my cooking even better.  Plus I have a bucketlist item to bike from Vienna to Budapest.”

If you could help change something in High River, what would it be?  “I’d love to help with increasing accessibility within our community.  For example, now that I have a stroller when shopping downtown I have found it’s hard to get into some stores and I think about those in wheelchairs or with other mobility needs and hope it could be improved for all.”

Thank you Tricia for all that you do!

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