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Humans of High River – Steve Hanulik

We kick off the month of June with Steve Hanulik.  Originally from the Yukon, this husband and father of two has lived in High River for the past 14 years.  He is an underwater enthusiast, an amateur historian, a filmmaker – documentarian and mechanic.

(He’s a man of many talents – the list could go on.)

His favourite thing about High River is the Wales Theatre.  It’s one of the reasons he and his wife chose to live in High River when they were looking to build some roots.

Steve has been in the media for the past year and a bit as he was part of the expedition team that found “The Ghost of Baker Lake”  – an aircraft that was lost under water in the Yukon in the spring of 1969.

What do you feel the most proud of in your life?  “That my kids can dress themselves,” Steve laughs.  “I am really proud of being a parent.  I am also proud that I have managed to keep creativity alive in my life, make it part of my life and that I have followed through on a goal.”

What skill would you like to learn? (Or a bucketlist item) “I am currently learning to play the banjo and I love it.  Bucketlist wise I would love to own the Wales Theatre one day…if Syd wanted to sell and of course the world has a list of mysteries that would make awesome deep sea expeditions.”

If you could help change something in High River, what would it be? “I love this place so much…there isn’t much I would want to change.  But, it would be really cool to see a foot/pedestrian bridge from the NW side of town…maybe into George Lane Park or something like that.”

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