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Humans of High River – Craig Carswell

Craig Carswell is a born and raised High Riverite.  He works at Agriterra and runs his own recording studio in town called RedBlack Recording.  He keeps even busier these days since he and his wife have welcomed a son into their family…just 4 months ago.

You’ve probably seen or heard him playing tunes in our community too!  He’s played recently at the open mic night at Mr. Mike’s and is the VP for The Venue Board of Directors.   AND he was nominated for a YYC Music Award – made Top 5 for People’s Choice! (CONGRATS CRAIG!)

What’s your favourite thing about High River? “The Community, for sure.  I moved away for a bit and when I came back have been welcomed with open arms and it’s awesome.”

What do you feel most proud of in your life? “I’m proud of my work ethic and the drive I have to do and improve things in my life.  I am proud of my family, the changes I have made in my life and the fact I am positive and community-oriented.”

What skill would you like to learn? Or bucket list item? “My bucket list item is I would like to play a show in NYC and skill is to ‘finish’ learning to play the piano.”

If you could help to change or be part of change of something in High River, what would it be?  “Increase local music scene.  I’d love High River to be the hub of music activity (along with the arts).”

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