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Humans of High River – Amara Duxbury

It’s a pretty cool story of overcoming and working together.

Amara and her horse Allie (also known as Dragon) have had a challenging rodeo season together this year.  Back in June (which is typically the start of rodeo season) Allie (Dragon) had to vet out and take some time off….she didn’t rodeo for over 6 weeks while she healed up.  Amara continued to rodeo on her back up horse and a borrowed horse and still did well…and made it to the FCA Finals.  Going into the Finals weekend, she wasn’t sure if Allie (Dragon) would be up to the task.   However in the perfect Cinderella-style story….Allie (Dragon) did amazing and together these two won the barrel racing event at the Foothills Cowboys Association Finals.

High River, meet Amara Duxbury.  A born and raised High Riverite. Not only does she barrel race in the semi-pro circuit, she is also a riding instructor and owns a boarding facility at her ranch just outside of town – Blazing Hearts Ranch.  We had a chance to sit down with Amara and have a coffee following her weekend win.

What is your favourite thing about High River?  “I love so much about this town.  It’s always had a small town feel where you know everyone.  I remember that as a little girl and I still feel it now.  No matter where I go, it always feels like home here.”

What do you feel most proud of in your life?  “Well, I am very proud of Allie and training her but I think coaching kids is what I feel most proud of.  I am able to reach kids on another level…connecting with them and connecting them to horses and then watching them grow is so rewarding.”

What skill would you like to learn or bucketlist item do you have?  “I would love to barrel race at the Calgary Stampede.”

If you could help change or be part of something in High River, what would it be? “Help to maintain its’ culture.  I don’t want to lose the old buildings, the feel and the heritage.”

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