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Humans of High River – Amanda Pawlitzki

Our next eight ‘Humans of High River” were the 2019 ‘Actionators’ at the Community Summit.  Chosen to speak to share because they are people who say yes, people who volunteer, people who take action in our town.

Meet Amanda Pawlitzki.   She is a Health Coach and Barre Instructor who moved to High River when she was seven years old.  She’s a mom, a wife, a volunteer and an avid community cafe participator.   In fact her and the whole family schedule the second Wednesday of the month as family time in the community and join us at the Culture Centre.   She shared at the Summit that she loves helping out on lots of projects.  What also really struck us is her real honestly in sharing that sometimes there is great value in saying no to things….to pick and chose what you volunteer with so you don’t over do it!

Amanda says her favourite thing about High River is…High River.   She loves everything about it.  But it’s also really special to her because is helps her feel connected to her Mom.  “Ry and I lived in Calgary for 10 years and after my Mom passed away in 2009, I wanted to go home (High River).  So in 2011 we moved backed so now our kids get to walk in the footsteps of our childhood and get to feel connected to their grandma through memories all over High River,” Pawlitzki shares.

When asked what she is most proud of in her life she answered….my kids. (“but don’t tell them, ha ha”)

A skill Amanda would like to learn or bucket-list item is to do a real life treasure hunt.

We always finish off our feature asking “If you could help change something in High River, what would it be?”  Amanda said there’s not really anything she would change but that she would like to be part of continuing to make sure everyone feels like they are part of the community and to keep making sure people feel welcome here.

Thank you Amanda for being part of Our High River.

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