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Humans of High River – Alaine Kowal

Let us introduce to you another one of our 2019 Summit Actionators – Alaine Kowal.

She moved to High River with her family in 2006 from Boston.  Not surprising this mover/shaker in our community has a few things on the go.  Outside of her busy family life she works at the Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society, is a co-owner of Red Zeppelin Balloons and is the force behind the monthly positive newsletter for High River called The Optimistic Citizen. 

“I really just like to spread joy and positivety in our community in everything I do,” Alaine tells us.  You may even be familiar with the childrens book she published a few years ago called ‘The Little Dance Teacher.’

When we asked Alaine what her favourite thing about High River is she replied “the resiliency.”  “Over the last five years this town has grown and changed so much.  I am truly happy to be here with these amazing changes in place.”

Alaine is most proud of her family.  But she is also pretty excited to have completed her first marathon in celebration of her 50th birthday.  She did the 42km challenge in Disney World this past January.   All of our Humans of High River have incredible skill sets but we are always curious what else is on their list….for Alaine – the skill she wants to learn is “coding.” Yes, she wants to learn how to do website coding.

If Alaine could help change anything in High River she said she would like there to be a biking/walking/running path between High River and Okotoks. (Kind of like what they have in place between Canmore and Banff.)

One of the things that stood out for us that Alaine shared at the Summit was if you have an idea, to just put it out there and it can happen.  (That’s how the Grad March and the Optimistic Citizen came to be.)



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