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What is Our High River?

This is a question we are asked often and it’s not always easy to answer.  It’s not that we are not clear it’s that we want it to be more of an ideal than another program or agency.

The hope for Our High River is to encourage citizens to be positively involved in their own High River experience.  Our job is to make it easy to engage – make it easy to get your idea’s going – and make it easy to connect.  Our big long term dream is to make it such a part of High River culture that an organization is no longer needed, make it citizen run and citizen sustainable.

We hope to remove the obstacles that the people of High River have to making this the best place to live in Alberta (the world?). 

So what keeps people from getting involved?

  • Too Busy

Sometimes we can get the idea (or fear) that if we step in to community service that we will be overwhelmed and overtaken.  Those of us who are helpers can have a hard time setting boundaries, here’s what I have learned – it’s okay to be realistic with what you have to offer.  If you have an hour and you want to help out – name it- its okay!  Actually it’s great – we have all experienced the spikey attitude that comes with over committing, we don’t want anyone to feel resentful about the time and effort they have given.  Even a little bit of time, or effort/sharing that is easy for you can have a big, positive outcome on an event or project.  Our ability to volunteer or contribute can change over time and life circumstances. Bottom line – you matter in this – we value your time, your input AND your reality.

  • Don’t Know Where to Start

The first step is connecting.  Send Our High River a note on Facebook, email, a phone call – whatever is comfortable for you, let us know what you are thinking and we will put our heads together.

  • Want to Help but don’t have an idea what to do

Same as above – reach out! If you are shy nervous- ask that friend of yours who finds it easy to reach out with you J

  • Shy, Intimidated, Unsure

We will always do our best to listen and help make a comfortable situation.  Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past, or you’ve just never done any community service work before, either way – let’s change that – it’s time for courage and as the town council says ‘dare to be bold’.

  • Have Tried before and It didn’t work out

This is really a tough one, ‘once bitten, twice shy’ they say.  Once trust has been broken it really takes a leap of faith to put yourself out there again.  If your previous experience was negative maybe you can look back and see why and bring that wisdom to the table this time.  Please don’t give up, if we all give up on the community it will be a dull and lifeless place – your part matters.

  • Little bit (or lot) mad at High River

Well, it’s been a wild few years, not everyone has the ‘High River is Awesome’ spirit, for whatever reason!  This is your chance to potentially affect that – take the reins into your own hands and bring what you see lacking.  We can’t help what’s happened in the past (we can listen and sometimes that helps) but we can move into a future – as long as you are still here you can have a positive impact.

  • Nothing to Offer

WHAT?!?!?  Yep, I’ve heard this. It’s never true. Your skill, your being, your time and effort have a place.  Don’t think you can be of any help?  That’s a challenge I’d like to take on!

  • Great Idea but not enough money, people

This is what collective impact is all about- and that’s what Our High River is all about.  It’s about putting people together to get things done.  Want to know more about it?