We Care...We Share!

The Our High River Core team brainstormed ideas to grow connection throughout High River and We Care...We Share was born!

This is a simple pay it forward idea. Connie Pike of Pike's Pottery custom made 15 plates and 10 cups and they are now out circulating around High River. When you receive a plate or cup, enjoy the treat, clean it off, fill it up and pass it on to another community member. There are no rules, fill it with what you wish...coffee, cookies, gift cards, donuts, a meal - be creative!  

You have one more job, please take a photo of who you give the plate or cup to and upload the photo with the plate or cup # to the Our High River Facebook page or email it to connect@ourhighriver.com. This will help us to track how many times the plates & mugs travel around High River and into how many community members' hands.

Check out all the photos of everyone who has received a plate or cup since this initiative launched on June 2nd, 2015.