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This Years Greatest Christmas Gift: Sharing

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.  

As we move out of American Thanksgiving and towards the holidays our radio, television and computers are spewing a constant babble of Black Friday deals.  Tomorrow it will change it’s tune to Cyber Monday and beyond that you will be poked, prodded and plead to buy and buy some more.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for capitalism, particularly when it comes to buying local land supporting our economy and the dreams of entrepreneurs in our community.  What I’m pointing out is the pressure we are put under to express our care for one another with gifts at this time of year. Finding just the right present is such a joy, but as this old story poignantly tells we should be mindful about the sacrifice we make and remember what matters most.

Although a small town, only 13,000 of us, we are big enough to have most of what we need.  As the High River Food Connection project show’s there are resources that we have that we may not even be aware of until somebody discovers it and figures out a way to share.  The food rescue has already saved literally tonnes of food and on market days, Salvation Army Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00, there are people lining up early and the food is gone in an hour. The need is there.

The first question I have for you is what do you need?  What do you really need this Christmas, and if it is time and money – which I would say most of us would say- consider how you are spending your time and money and what for.  The second question is, what are you abundant in?  In what are do you have more than you need.  I’m not in fact asking you to do anything but stop a moment,take a pause from the Christmas frenzy and the advertisers desire for you blindly buy, consider what might be right here for you and what you might have.  Scarcity is not the problem in our community – distribution is.  

As we move into the holiday season let’s be mindful.  Mindful of what we have and what we really need.  Mindful of our power, OUR power, not necessarily the government, the business’s, a hoped for lottery win, to make a difference here.

Happy Holidays High River, I can’t wait to hear about all of the initiatives to share this season.  Salvation Army Christmas Hamper requests will be happening this week and next

Stockings For Seniors , please share in comments what else is happening so that we can connect all givers and receivers.  I’ve never believed there are have’s and have not’s – everyone has somethings to give.  If not money, then time or skill or wisdom.  Each and every citizen in this town is valuable, each person has something to give.  In fact most of the wonderful things we ahve in High River came from the dreams and hard work of it’s citizens.  What is the gift that you have?

This will be the theme of the Community Cafe in December. What do you need and what can you share? Let’s connect the pieces.  Let us all be a part of each others wellness this season.