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Surviving the September Slam S.O.S: Self-Care, Organize and Say No!

Okay, deep breathe in, and out.  One more time.  This might be your first deep breath since the month started and she’s already ½ over!  September is full on go time as school kicks in, everyone is back from summer vacation and the years end seems to be hurtling at us at full speed.

As I face my calendar I am amazed at how much fun is available to us in High River this month and I’m wondering how I’m going to fit it all in!  So, let’s slow it all down a moment and I stand with your brain a second and give her/him a hand.

First, SELF-CARE.  Whether you are facing obligations or chosen activities it’s helpful to realize that we have a certain amount of time and a certain amount of energy.  There are things that are energy sucking and things that are energy fillers.  There are ways to monitor this so that you slide into October better than bedraggled. Self-awareness is the greatest tool here – notice what makes you more energetic, more open, and happier and what brings you down, or makes you tense up.  Obviously you can’t just choose all the things that make you feel great and opt out of the others.  There are some things, picture day, dentist, work – that you are not going to get out of, depending on who you are these will be energy boosters or bummers.  Knowing how things affect you will help you plan, make sure you mix it up! Intentionally schedule in things that fill your cup. Notice when you are lagging and respond with something that brings back your life.  Check in with yourself – How’s Your 5?  Work, Play, Love, Eat and Sleep.

What we don’t always take into consideration are the conversations in your head.  We all have them!  Worrying, negativity, fear – these are huge energy suckers.  Give yourself some counter statements, for example – “I am never going to get these things done” can be countered with “Everything will get done, what is the next step”.

ORGANIZE- It’s not too late.  Pull out that calendar this weekend and get the new school stuff the work and in particular the fun on there.  Give yourself a moment or two to look ahead and set yourself up for success, your future self will thank you.

SAY NO – I hate to say it.  I really do.  Sometimes the answer is just No, or softer “not right now”.  It’s okay to look after you, or look after you and just 10 other things, you can say no to 11, 12 and 13!  There’s no magic number here, but as I said at the beginning we have a certain amount of time and energy and its okay to manage it.  You are more helpful when you live with a little to give in your cup at all times, working/playing yourself to burn out doesn’t help anyone (I might be talking to myself here).

All in all have a great September, it is a little like the New Year.  High River is the place to be – check this out:

Self Care, Organize, Say No – you’ve got this  On a side note: Halloween candy is out!