Quality of Life in High River

A person thrives when they enjoy a high quality of life.  The following categories describe the key factors that contribute to a person’s quality of life in High River.  Both an individual and the community as a whole have a responsibility in creating opportunities to thrive.  When every person thrives, a community thrives. 

  1. Safety – environmental & personal.
  2. Connection & Belonging - deep sense of community where relationships matter first and citizens are actively engaged because they have the opportunity to participate and the choice to do so in the way that works best for them.
  3. Health & Wellness – physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual health; at a personal, relational, family and collective level – both a proactive & reactive commitment to health & wellness are present.
  4. Vibrant Economy – abundant opportunities to learn, work, shop & play – people have no need or desire to leave High River to meet their needs.
  5. Education & Personal Enrichment – diverse range of recreation, leisure, cultural & educational opportunities – strong opportunities for both formal & informal leadership.
  6. Living standards – affordability & accessibility – easy for everyone to participate.
  7. Environment – air, water, land, living creatures – caring for the world around us.

Unique High River Foundation - Strengths to Preserve & Leverage:

  • Friendly & Welcoming
  • Small town lifestyle – size, amenities, strong sense of community spirit, easy to get around
  • Natural beauty – river, trees, parks, ponds & green spaces
  • Safety/Security – peaceful, tranquil, quiet
  • History & Culture – art galleries, theatre, music, dance, film, heritage buildings, murals
  • Unique downtown

Key Message:  Retain the small town feel no matter how big we get - manage growth in a way that preserves and improves the values and quality of life of every person in High River.