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Big Ideas Symposium - Ian Hill

This session was held in Okotoks in April to discuss how to bring big ideas to life in the Foothills.  
Here are some of the key points of interest in point form.
Why don't people come up with good ideas?
- we've created a culture of blame - too scary to step out on the skinny branch
We need to shift the culture to one that encourages innovation; 
- we need to create an ecosystem of trust where people can play - like app developers give space to fail
- if you are really innovating you are failing 60% of the time - we all need to understand that
- what process do you have in place to gather thoughts, ideas & issues
- what mechanisms are in place to foster knowledge sharing and transfer
- creativity is intentional - encourage & cultivate 
- build a community where creative people want to be
How do you come up with good ideas?  Can people learn to be creative?
- yes - it's a pattern of thinking - sequence of questions - Dr. Ludwig
- engineering trains the process of thinking creatively - outcome focused
1 - start with vision - what do I want it to be? - explain
2 - courageous conversation about where it's at now - no blame, just facts
3 - what attitudes are preventing us from getting there?
4 - what activities can I do to remove the attitudinal barriers?
5 - what resources are needed to take these activities?
How do you get other people involved?
Find the interest
- just cast the challenge - evangelize - not the solution, the issue/opportunity and make note of who responded - 2 weeks
- have a framework of the solution 
- share the research
- will funnel out the people who are committed
- get who's left to do the same thing
What's next - bringing your ideas to life?
- good hearted people that don't know what their doing ruin it for the rest of us
Know what you are talking about & know how to talk about it
- when presenting remember 4 types of listeners - facts, belief, values, emotions & speak to all
- sequential - here's what we're doing and how
- speak to the impact - why and/or so what 
- paint the vision of what can be then get close supporters to refine the impact story - then cast the vision of impact - ignite
- 6 media impressions at a minimum - all mediums within 48hours - after the awareness you have to do something - you will get noticed when you do things
People get hit with 17000 media impressions/month
- be on the radio, newspaper once per month
- create and tell stories - give people a way to tell their story
- Translate into the dinner table conversation
Anything you would add?
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You have an idea and you are looking for some help to get it moving. This section is all about giving you resources and tools to strengthen your leadership ability so that we can bring more ideas to life in High River, together.

There are people in town who have experience in getting things done and they are available to help you. Check out the Community Mentors page and get whatever help you need.

If you want to connect to some tools to assist with moving groups forward towards a common goal, check out the Collective Impact Tools page. 

The blog to your right will contain real-time tools and tips from Our High River members. If you have something to add, simply click the '+' sign at the top right corner and add away.

Finally, you can access the Becoming a Community Builder program below. 

Becoming a Community Builder

In 2014, High River was selected to join the Becoming a Community Builder program. More than 220 people in High River registered to participate in this unique learning opportunity, designed specifically to build stronger community leaders. The best part is that you can still join. If you have ideas that you want to put into action and you need a bit of a push in the right direction, check this out.

Becoming a Community Builder