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It’s VITAL SIGNS Time!!!

The 2018 High River Vital Signs survey is here!

You have until June 4, 2018 to take the survey and share your voice.

Why? You Ask?

Because YOUR voice matters in our community!

The information that is gathered in this survey is used by all of us (citizens), by the Town of High River and by many businesses and organizations.  We first brought this quality of life survey to you in 2016.  So you may think…what exactly is quality of life and how is that determined?  Quality of life is an individual’s perception of their experiences, goals, expectations and standards of living in High River.  So, you can see how important you filling out the survey is so important!

We have broke- it- down into 8 key areas…

Connection – the connections citizens make with one another, agencies, and businesses.

Environment – the exploration and enjoyment of natural environment such as our parks, green spaces, and pathways.

Expression – the opportunity to experience or express themselves through music, visual arts, performance arts, and culture.

Health and Well-being – the accessibility of physical and emotional health supports and resources.

Life-long Learning – the chance to learn and share knowledge gifts and talents, through post-secondary education, volunteering, and service opportunities

Livability – the ease of fulfilling their own basic needs such as housing, food security, employment and transportation.

Safety – the ease of fulfilling their own basic needs such as housing, food security, employment and transportation.

Thriving populations – the opportunities available for every citizen related to their age and diverse backgrounds.

If you would like an example of what the information collected looked like from 2016, you can access that report on the Vital Signs page of our website.

From that information we have been informed by several organizations that they used this information and the priorities listed by the citizens to help them make decisions.  For example the Salvation Army is bringing a Community Response Unit to High River because of vital signs.  Bow Valley College tailored some of their courses based on this information.  And we had citizens start to take on projects and ideas!  So this is your chance to share what you think it going awesome (our celebrations) and what you think needs help (priorities).  Then as a community we can step up and take some action on what we think needs to be improved upon next.

Watch our social media over the coming weeks for even more examples!

So take a moment, right now and fill out the survey!

Don’t forget if you share your contact info at the end (it still stay anonymous…) you can win a $50 gift certificate to a local business of your choice!