How's Your 5?

How's Your 5 High River?

Inspired by grassroots work in Joplin Missouri, who sustained a devastating tornado in 2011, we are introducing a concept for checking in on your own and your neighbors/co-worker/child’s mental health.  The campaign is called "How's Your 5?"  The 5 refer to Work (or school), Play, Sleep, Love and Eating.  These 5 important parts of your life can tell you how you or your friend are doing, and they can also be used to focus on what we need to do to stay healthy and to withstand the stresses of life.   

So often we ask the question “How are you?” and receive a quick “fine”.  Sometimes we are so stressed we don’t even realize that parts of our life are not working in our favor.  Sometimes we can see this better in others and it might be awkward to ask someone about their mental health, even though we are working on it, there is still a stigma.  How’s your 5? Is a non-threatening way to talk about how you are coping, it is a question that opens up a conversation.  Sharing your burdens lightens the load, connects you to other people and can link you to the help you might need. 

Having a healthy work/play balance, people you love and who love you, eating and sleeping well are signs of mental wellness.  Your mental wellness affects everyone around you and is important to our families, workplaces and our community. 

Try it out, check in with yourself- How’s Your 5?  Try it at work or in your families. 

What if you find out more than you bargained for?  High River has some excellent resources if you feel like your own or someone else’s mental health needs more than just sharing.  Here are a couple of free local resources:

AHS Rural Mental Health and Addictions:  403 652 8340

High River Counselling Centre:  403 691 5991

There are also private counsellors, art therapists and other support organizations- all of whom you can connect to via:

High River Family and Community Supports (FCSS):  403 652 8620

Let’s look after our 5 High River!

From your friends at the                          Social Sustainability Collective