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How about collaboration instead of competition?

Collaboration is a process of participation through which people, groups, and organizations work together to achieve desired results. Collaborations accomplish shared vision, achieve positive outcomes for the audiences they serve, and build an interdependent system to address issues and opportunities.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

It’s a common goal within all community.  It’s really a part of what we want to help with through Our High River.  You have great ideas.  People you know have great ideas.  Your neighbour has great ideas.  How can we better get these ideas together?

Recently I’ve noticed people putting together great ideas, planning cool events and taking the next steps – which is great, don’t get me wrong – but it’s usually “in-competition” with another similar event.  Wouldn’t it be cool to collaborate and build an existing event rather than compete with it?

Let’s have a coffee party and see what’s cookin’?  The Town of High River has a Community Development Coach – Janelle Kennedy…she and I (and Fawna) love to connect with people as a team to talk about what can happen next, who we can connect you to, and how to make it happen.

Have you seen the Event & Project Idea Playbook yet?  It’s a resource made to help you with your collaborations.

And we can be real for a moment….we know not all collaborations are easy.  We know that some people like to do things “as they’ve always done” and incorporating your ideas to build an existing one can be a little harder…but that’s what we are here to help with too!

One of the biggest walls we face in collaboration is defensiveness.  We all get there, it’s totally ok and here’s a great TEDTalk with some tips for that!

Let’s get in the green zone – because group work doesn’t have to suck!

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