Great Neighbours

March 2016

Health & Wellness Fair Nominees

Arnold & Robyn Johnson

Sam & Grace - Nice! Fun!

Deet & Charlotte

Mrs. Marie Dewitt - best preschool teacher ever! Holy Spirit Academy

Frank & Verna

Cathy & Al - help a lot

Kathy & Barry Cutherbertson

Katelyn Woodward - nice, fun to be with, funny

Dave & Aileen Abma

Betty G. - friend, confidante, partner in crime

Connie & Don Hauser

Colleen Fennel - New Little Free Library

John & Ilsa Turner - there are nice and we can trust them!

February 2016

Darlene Goodwin

I would like to nominate Darlene Goodwin as a Great Neighbour. 

Darlene is tirelessly committed to High River. Whether it be as an official committee member or a supporter of an adhoc project you can always depend on Darlene - if she says she'll be involved, she lives up to her commitment. I also honour that Darlene is very thoughtful about becoming involved in something. She ensures that it is something that she really wants to be involved in before committing herself and she stays focused on what she enjoys the most and is best at. 

Darlene is a shining example of a citizen giving back to her community and being a part of building it - thank you for all that you do!

January 2016

Colton Murray

I would like to nominate Colton Murray for being an honest, upstanding citizen after reading this story...

'I have to say I am very proud of Colton. We stopped at Mac's tonight and as I got out he spotted something in the parking lot beside us, turned out to be a wallet (with a lot of cash in it). I grabbed it and Colton was so excited to bring it to the RCMP, instead we delivered it to the man who dropped it. I am happy we were the one's who found it and ensured every penny was returned, the guy didn't even know he'd dropped it. I'm also very happy to raise honest children who cheer to find a wallet full of money because they know they can return it to the rightful owner!'

Brittany Briscal

I would like to nominate Brittany Briscall.

Last week I saw a woman I know from one of my child’s classes driving around High River with a child on her lap. After my initial frustration I came to realize that this woman might not have a car seat. I posted this onto the High River Moms Group Facebook page looking for some help and guidance. Brittany offered her old car seat for me to pass on for free.

I believe this is a fine example of member of our community putting our judgements aside and working together help each other.



Ken & Barb Mayer

I would like to nominate Ken and Barb Mayer. They have been my neighbours for over 15 years and had 5 kids when they first moved here but even with that many kids they kept the noise down to a very reasonable level and were never a bother to neighbours.  They have always been there for me if I need help with anything,from cutting big branches and taking them away to mowing my lawn if they happened to be mowing theirs and mine wasn't done,helping with a mower that wouldn't start and numerous other things through the years. They are just real nice people and a joy to have as neighbours.


Dave Connell

For the next round of nominating a good neighbour, I'd like to nominate Dave Connell and his woodworking students at Highwood High. They got some attention when they rebuilt a Sheppard Family Park shed that had floated down the Little Bow, but they help individuals, too. It's wonderful to see the kids' creativity and skills making our High River a better home for us all.


Janice MacMillan

I should like to nominate High River resident Janice MacMillan as a good neighbour. I am a member of the knitting group that normally meets each week at the town's library. For the month of October, while the library was between closing at the Sprung structure and reopening on 1st St. S.W., Janice opened her heart and her home for us "Knitwits" to have a meeting place. She treated us to delicious refreshments without expecting anything in return. Soon, we will be back at the library, but we will miss the fun we had at Janice's north-west home with her gracious hospitality.

Lloyd Bruins

I nominate Lloyd Bruins he is always doing kind things for his older neighbors our street is better because lives here:-) 

Fay Beaton

I would like to nominate Fay Beaton who has worked tirelessly on helping to get Senior’s out and exercising in the community.  She has participated and been dedicated in the programming, pounded the pavement hanging posters all over town, talking to many senior’s in the community, recruiting neighbours and friends, signing people up for the Stable, Able and Strong (SAS) class and being an active member on the Senior’s Collective Board.  She also sits on other boards and volunteers in the Hospital gift shop.  She is an AWESOME, ACTIVE senior lady!  You are a great mentor to all.


Tannas Webb, Kim Unger & Teams

I would like to nominate Tannas Webb and Kim Unger & all their helpers. Every time I walk around town I am in awe of how amazing all of our green spaces look. It is impossible to believe what many of them looked like 2 years ago. The flowers downtown, the new little trees planted at the south west end of town - the care and attention shows that this is well beyond just a job for these folks. Thank you so much for taking care of the beauty around us, we are so very lucky. Tannas is also my real neighbour - thanks so much for being so great to my daughter!!

Barry Warnicka

I would like to nominate Barry Warnicka who has been a fantastic neighbour since we moved here 3 years ago. He has been so helpful when we are away by taking care of watching over our place...including watering all our trees and flowers so faithfully...even cutting our grass. He helps my husband with tools and anyway he can assist him otherwise. I know we are not the only ones he helps.

Herb & Annie Froese

I nominate Herb and Annie Froese.

They offered off their backyard garden space for me to plant a vegetable garden this summer and watered if throughout.

What fun it has been for me. 

Sharon & Ron Van Olm

I nominate Sharon and Ron Van Olm.  They live across the street from me and add sunshine to everyone’s day.

They’re always there with a helping hand and a laugh.

They do countless good deeds for everyone around them - shovel snow, water plants, watch homes when no one home, share tools, invite others for dinners and coffee, run errands with their pick up truck for those who don’t have cargo space…..our neighbourhood is a richer and friendlier place because of them and what they add to it.

Melanie Collison

I nominate Melanie Collison. Our High River posted a request looking for some volunteer social media support & Melanie stepped up. Melanie is using some of her precious time to share specific volunteer opportunities within our community. Thanks Melanie - it's neighbours like you who make this a special place!


Heritage Inn & High River RCMP

Country Chrysler nominated the Heritage Inn and the High River RCMP as their Great Neighbours via Twitter using the #hrgreatneighbour!


Lisa & Shane Flentje

My sister and I have two great neighbours who are always willing to lend a helping hand.  We think the world of them and we would like to thank them by letting everyone know how wonderful they are to us.

Their names are Lisa and Shane Flentje.


Kelly & Gale

My (Our) neighbours are fantastic, they help us with absolutely everything we need; trips to appointments; rides to and from the airport for us and visitors.
When we go on holidays they thanklessly check our house and yard daily. Also they cut the grass in the summer and in the winter they shovel our yard no matter how busy they are.
We are very appreciative of Kelly and Gale.

Eldeen Barrett

I nominate Eldeen Barrett.

I am a senior and she makes me feel very comfortable in my home living by myself, I know I can call her at any time day or night.
It would not matter what I might need or ask from her she has never said no. She will drop everything in her own life to lend a helping hand.

She has driven me to numerous medical appointments.
Phones me to see if I'm OK
Picks up groceries
Takes me shopping
We have coffee together
Go out for supper on occasion
Helps me with my cell phone

She is a very caring special lady.

Marg & Lynn

As many people know, I have a special needs son. He is non-verbal  and it can be a heck of a challenge when trying to communicate with him. 

We moved into an apartment over a year ago, and over the past year and some we have met some pretty awesome people. 2 of the many have really gone above and beyond to be amazing neighbours, and we have adopted them as our "Grandma's" LOL

Lynn and Marg live in the same complexes as us. They have taken time out of their lives to get to know my sons and myself. They have been approachable about many topics and have been there to give me advice when I've asked for it. Leave it to them to have you giggling by the end of every conversation. They've have taken my son under their wings. Marg bakes cookies, muffins and cakes for my son often. They have come over and asked if they could take him out for a walk, and have both offered to babysit if I ever was in need of a break. Most recently, Brannon and I were in the house.... it was raining, and we were bored right out our tree. HORRIBLE feeling HAHA. They came up to me and told me that they were going to take him outside to do some "puddle jumping", and that they did! I let him out and when I came out side to watch the entertainment, they were all laughing hysterically. Soak and wet, head to toe! 

My heart has been warmed by these 2 ladies. They have always been incredibly kind and generous to the 2 of us. I appreciate them a lot, and therefore I want to nominate them for the "Great Neighbour" title. They are more than deserving and people like them need more recognition. 

We love you Marg and Lynn! Thank you for everything you ladies do for us!

Angie Jacobs & Kids & Amanda

I would like to nominate Angie Jacobs, her kids and friend Amanda for taking a text from me to help out a complete stranger.  With a simple ask they enthusiastically showed up and helped this person, who has felt alone and isolated for much of the last couple years, to move on to her new future.  More than lifting boxes, beds and couches they helped to make someone feel like they were worthy of care and support!  Not only that but the whole team did it with a wholehearted nature with no expectation of return.  Thank You Angie, Amanda, Storm, Justin and Jayden, you are great neighbors.


Liz Potter

I would like to Nominate:
Liz Potter
As a Great Neighbour in Northwest High River.
She is an amazing person! She brought us food when our household was hit with the flu- she gave us a weekend break when Our family needed a get away after the flood - she invited me to help make simple supper at United Church when I felt disconnected - she supports both our businesses to help us financially - and she delivered a food hamper from Sobeys when we went through a difficult financial struggle ! She is for certain the BEST NEIGHBOUR EVER!!!  Please recognize her for it :)

Cathy Dudgeon

I would like to nominate Cathy Dudgeon.

When we moved into our house almost 9 years ago, I was carrying a 3 day old premature baby.  Cathy came over almost immediately to introduce herself and bring water.  "Hey welcome!  They're doing work and they've shut the water off all day!!"  Three years later, when we were adopting a 9 year old boy, she cheered us on, watched our smaller children, and was a great one to talk to in our roughest moments.  When my son was learning how to be a good friend, and was having trouble actually playing with her son during playdates she simply said "That's ok.  If what he needs is to come over and hang with the kittens, then that's what we're here for."  During the flood she's the one who picked up my 4 year old from preschool.  She was also the one who I cried with, and worked with, and cheered with as we put our neighbourhood back together piece by piece.

Throughout all this she's also been a faithful volunteer with Heaven Can Wait, fostering kittens, and then later volunteering at the adoption centre.  She's a active participant in her church, heavily involved with engaging the children and youth.  She's also one of the most tolerant and open-minded people I know.  She can always see the good in people and situations.

She's always willing to spare a cup of sugar, a couple eggs, or random craft glue.  She's always the first one to bring us meals when we're having babies or meeting new children.  She will chase down stray dogs or cats for hours!  Just to make sure they're safe.  She's my go-to person for all things craft related.  If she hasn't done it, or doesn't have the materials, it's probably not worth it.  She is a huge contributor to my success as a parent, and one of the biggest reasons why we haven't moved off this block (even if we're almost outgrowing our house).   It makes me happy just to know she's there.


Allen & Linda VanderVelde 

Everyone believes they have great neighbours but Allen & Linda VanderVelde truly are the best!

They are always going above and beyond. They pick up parcels in the rain, they bring our garbage container in when we're away, they often bring over baking & other food and every time we walk in their door we are greeted with a wonderful glass of wine. They are warm and kind and just the best neighbours anyone can ask for!  

Jo-Anne Wulff

I would like to nominate Jo-Anne Wulff at the Snodgrass Recreation Centre.  I was recently trying to register my kids in swim lessons and was having all sorts of problems.  Jo-Anne was so accommodating and helpful and made the process so much easier, and helped me get into the classes I needed.   She always has a smile and makes you feel like every one of your question are important!

Thank you for allowing me to Nominate Jo-Anne, she truly makes High River a friendlier place!


Reannon Walker

I'd like to nominate Reannon Walker.

I met Reannon in the fall at the park by parent link, her friend Cate introduced us as soon as she realized that no only did we live a couple houses down from each other, but also our two oldest kids had the same names!

My family is new to high river, we will have been here a year come summer time and we didn't know a single soul here. Reannon has been an incredible neighbour and friend. She's been incredible company during many walks and coffees at my place or hers, and as a mother of 4 she amazes me that she's able to make the time for me and my family. Despite the busyness of her house hold she still brought my family dinner and desserts after I had my third baby in October. She's passed along many useful things for my kids that her kids don't need anymore, she is always free when I need and ear, and I know if I needed a break from my three little ones she'd be here in an instant.

Having Reannon as my neighbour and my friend has truly blessed me in ways I can't even describe, I have amazing peace of mind knowing that she is there for me, and that she can relate to what I'm going through with my own kids. She makes my life easier by watching my 3 so I can quickly run an errand unencumbered, or she's always checking in if there is anything I need her to pick up while she is out.

Thanks! There are a lot of amazing people here who deserve this nomination but Reannon truly goes above and beyond, she one the most selfless and inspiring people I know.

Health & Wellness Fair Nominations

The High Country Rise Neighbours - always looking out for each other and our kids.

Sunshine Place 'The Block' you Rock!

The neighbours on Riverside Green N.W.

The neighbours on High Park Court - always there for each other.

Stacey Orchard-Flundra & Family - they're awesome, always there for us.

The Dahlman's - great friends, great neighbours.

The Save the Homeless students.

Mary Campbell - most kind, outgoing & friendly neighbour.  She's just an inspiration.

Hearts and Minds

Kim Kurta & Travis, Alexis & Matrix - they're awesome, they just love everyone!

The Neishes - friendly, helpful, funny, clean, caring and inviting

The Rowan House - they support us

Madame Montemorro at Joe Clark school

Dyanne on 7th Street SW - always there for all of us - thanks!

Joanne Westview - awesome neighbour

The Baldwins - caring, kind, loving family - the best in town!

Kathy & Chad Lambourn

I would like to acknowledge and nominate Kathy and Chad Lambourn. They both have been a constant support and volunteer for the Special Olympics. They have both gone on to new career challenges this past year so they have had to step away from this position that they have been dedicated to for years. I also have to mention Kathys' ambition to personally help just about every organization in town that has a casino to work. I believe her and her sister Tammy Beach worked four casinos this past week. This goes above and beyond and I know that they are tremendous supporters to our community. Kathy and Chad have also been huge supports to
many members in the community who were impacted by the flood and they continue to assist those that are still going through appeals. I am thrilled to not only have them both as community members and as friends.They are great community spirited individuals...

Jacquie Randle

I want to nominate Jacquie Randle. She is a great neighbour and friend. She will go out first thing in the morning and blow the snow off of your sidewalk; and get your 9 year old son out of bed first thing in the morning to go for a dog walk. She is one of the most kind hearted people I know.


Fred Stegmeier

This winter we have found our front sidewalk free of snow after pretty well every snowfall. I was not sure who our snow angel was until the most recent storm when I discovered it was Fred Stegmeier. He is not my neighbour, exactly, as he lives more than a block from us. However, he does the whole east side of our 8th Street W. block  and then comes around the corner and does the Macleod Trail side of the block where our house is located. Sometimes he continues on and does all four sides of the block. That makes him a Good Neighbour to many. His efforts include the corner lot next to us which is now vacant because the house was flooded and demolished. There are a lot of seniors in our end of town and, like us, they certainly like having clean sidewalks when they go for their mail or are just out for a walk. Thanks to Fred our neighbourhood is a safe one in which to walk.

We would like to nominate Fred for your Good Neighbour award.

Theo Mamogobo

I would like to nominate our neighbour Theo Mamogobo, who drives the handibus in town. He is the epitome of the perfect neighbour. If you're not up quick enough when it snows, your driveway is always completely shovelled off by him. One time I was late for work and was shovelling the driveway while he was outside and he stopped me and told me he would take care of it. On garbage day, after we go to work, he always moves our bin close to the house after the garbage truck comes so that it doesn't get knocked over by the wind.

It's these little things that make him an amazing neighbour and give you that warm fuzzy feeling, but during the flood, we really found out how great he was. He always put us first, and even though his house had more damage than ours, he would come over every morning and ask us what he could do to help.

On top of all the amazing things he does on a daily basis, he has the best attitude, is always smiling and cheerful, and exhibits great community spirit!

Dale & Linda Bohn

I want to nominate Dale and Linda Bohn. Since we moved here 8 years ago, they have been nothing but the most incredible neighbours we could as for. We refer to Dale as our “Flanders” (referring to The show “The Simpsons”) He is always willing to lend a helping hand and his tools when we need it.  They both opened their door to our kids and support every fundraiser they are involved in. From special treats at Halloween to sharing their favourite wine after doing a tour out west. We are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbours like the Bohn’s!!! Thank you Linda and Dale for being such awesome people!!


Deet & Charlotte Smith

My neighbour – Don – though when we introduced ourselves over the fence last August, 2014,  he said I could call him Deet – Smith – moved into our 4th Avenue SE neighborhood August 08, 2014.  We already have a great collection of fine people on our block – on both sides of the street – and feel very blessed with the neighbours we have.  Having Deet and Charlotte Smith have just further enriched our great community.  They are devoted parents and grandparents – and since their arrival,  their yard and household is alive with visits from their children and grandchildren.  This has added life to our quiet street. 

They are both friendly, generous and thoughtful in kind everyday ways.  For example, on Christmas Eve day, Charlotte brought over a Christmas tray of beautiful baking; this was so appreciated as I had no time prior to Christmas to prepare such beautiful treats.  They seem to be jumping right in to all that High River has to offer.  

Of special appreciation – is that Deet seems to think he needs to be the snow angel for our side of 4th Avenue – covering  about 3 or 4 houses our side of the block.  He does not need to do this – but Deet seems to be the kind of person who just likes to help others.  After last night’s 5 cms of snow, all prepared to go out and shovel – we were too late – Deet’s shovel had already cleared ½ of our block.....  Before Christmas, when my husband was decorating our huge outside evergreen tree – Deet lent him an extendable pole which made the job of decorating much easier. 

How wonderful that in spite of the High River flood and some of the negative fallout from that about our great town, that  Charlotte and Deet Smith left their long time acreage home in Sherwood Park to be close to their children and grandchildren and in so doing, have become a part of the 4th Avenue South East neighborhood in High River.

We are so glad you did, Charlotte and Deet. 

Herb Froese

I nominate Herb Froese.  Herb puts 110% into his job at Senator Riley Middle School, he has added and looks after plants, he has the most inspiring and beautiful bulletin boards and his room is often filled with students at activity time who are bursting with creativity- this is all above and beyond his teaching role.  Outside of the school Herb and Annie contribute greatly to arts and culture in the community and are willing participants in creating a High River where everyone matters.

Tammy Beach

I nominate Tammy Beach.  Tammy is a member of Hearts and Minds, of the Rec. Board and the Manager of the Midget A team.  Tammy is always on alert for people in need and is responsive to helping out in any way possible.  I know that she recently worked the Casino for the Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society and someone else- she’s always helping someone.  Tammy Beach is an amazing neighbour.

 Staff at Colossi's 

I want to nominate the staff at Colossi’s Coffee shop and the amazing community atmosphere they create.  Most mornings I start my day by grabbing a coffee and I am quickly catching up with friends and neighbors, some I knew before and some have become friends because of Colossi’s.  I always feel great leaving there, the sense of community and the simple art of a smile, how are you and have a great day.  I find myself often saying “have a great day everyone” to the staff and fellow coffee goers (who I just met that morning)as they are all community connections.  I think the staff are the pillars for this coffee shop community as they are welcoming, engaged and care about everyone that comes in, they are great neighbors!     

Liz Vergueras

I would like to recognize Liz Vergueras for being a “Great neighbour” and community member.  She is truly an example of someone who sees opportunities to help others and acts on them. She facilitates the Boys and Girls Club after school in High River and has strong ties to the Mexican community. She works with young girls to teach them traditional Mexican dancing. You may have seen them perform around town! She also makes a huge effort to ensure that new members of the community are connected to important resources such as Parent Link, the library, SNAPS, Literacy for Life and any other organization they made need support from.  She advocates to many different organizations and schools about issues that are important to new Canadian families and children. In her words “Sometimes I think people will run when they see me coming!”  This is meant in the best way possible because she makes it her mission to learn about what the community has to offer so that she can be an ambassador for those who are not feeling connected to the community.  High River is so lucky to have Liz!

Roger Gluckie

I would like to recognize Roger Gluckie from S.E. High River . I have lived in this neighborhood for the past 35 years and Roger has been our neighbor. I have watched him do as much as he can to single handedly take care of all of us. When our neighbor lost her husband Roger makes sure she has the help she needs for yard care, safety and emotional well being. He is the one to depend on to watch your home if you are away and most important get to know us all well enough that when anything is amiss he will see it and have conversation with us. He has great suggestions for yard, shrub and tree care. I call him our shovel fairy because you cannot beat him to get the walks shoveled. I think he is amazing and I know when he goes on holiday we miss him. It isn't for the shoveling and it isn't for the things he does .We miss him because of who he is and that safe reliable person who looks out for our community and starts everyones day off with a smile, a wave, a hello or a story. We are a lucky lucky neighborhood.

Spitzee Elementary & Ecole Joel Clark

I want to nominate Spitzee School and Ecole Joe Clark for being greatneighbours to Highwood High.

On Tuesday January 13 the students and staff arrived at Highwood to discover their school had been positive post it'ed!  The elementary notes were heartfelt and funny and lifted the hearts of the school- sad after some very difficult recent losses.  Proving that age has nothing to do with being a good neighbor- appreciation to Spitzee and Joe Clark staff and students for being awesome  neighbours.









If you want to recognize a great neighbour simply send an email to  with the person's name & your story of how they make a difference to life in Our High River. Each month a random winner will be drawn to receive a $25 gift card from Sobey's.