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This is for all people passionate about creating and maintaining a thriving Arts Scene in Our High River.

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  • Hi Everyone - all of the responses to the community conversation questions have been compiled and are posted in the Discussion Forum if you want to have a look...
  • Two offers...Our High River will have a booth at the wellness fair at the recplex on Saturday from noon - 5. We can happily invite people to complete the Arts survey there. Also, we are hosting the community cafe at the culture centre next week. If you'd like to use that space to meet again as a team and debrief where we are at - we could do that as long as we are wrapped up by 4:45 so we can set up. Let me know....
    Also, if you want to hang with me on Saturday, let me know:)
  • Interesting article - Mayo Clinic's latest study - Art is good for you....."Are you concerned about developing thinking and memory problems in old age? Research suggests there are ways to increase the odds you will stay sharp, including mental stimulation, physical exercise, and healthy eating.
    A just-published study from the Mayo Clinic points to yet another activity that, consistently pursued for decades, may be even more effective at warding off cognitive decline: making art."
  • Here is a link to the responses from the survey so far...I also have 12 completed surveys from the community cafe that should be recorded for this summary - is anyone willing to enter them?
  • Hi everyone - who would like to be the administrator of this group? The intention is to provide a virtual space to continue working together. I do not wish to be the administrator here as my intention is to ensure lots of community members are involved to ensure sustainability.
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