Citizens Building Community; Community Building Citizens.

Get Involved

I'm here, now what?

This section of the site is all about collaboration and action.

A group hub has been set up for members of the Our High River Core Team. This is the team of people working at the strategic oversight level to grow citizen involvement, increase collaboration and ultimately enhance Quality of Life in High River. If this interests you, click the Core Team and join. 

Groups have been set up for each of the projects that are in motion. This is where we talk about the ideas and actions to move the projects forward. If any projet interest you, click on that project and become a member to join that group!

If you are part of a committee, group or collective and you wish to use this space for collaboration amongst your team members - become a member of the site and send a message to Jodi Dawson - I will set you up. 

If you don't wish to be involved on this site, but are interested in volunteering in High River, check out these Volunteer Opportunities.