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High River Event Facilities

Looking for a place to hold your event? See this list of facilities and associated costs;

High River Indoor Event Facilities

More helpful event planning guides can be found here.

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To learn about events happening in town, click on any of these public event calendars. If you are holding an event, use these tools - they are completely free! Check out the 'how to' guide attached on the right side of this page!

Town Of High River Event Calendar

High River Online

High River Times

Promote Your Event

If you are holding an event in or around High River and want people to know about it, we have created 3 guides to help you out. Simply click on the links and download to your computer to access as you need.

1. This is a list of tools you can use to promote your event Communication Tools in High River

2.  If you want media coverage prior to an event you can use this template to help you create a media release Media Release Template

3. Here is a sample media release to guide your efforts Media Release Sample