Connect with Each Other

Connection Matters

Community connection, or simply getting to know your neighbours is good for us. It is good for our individual health and well-being and healthy people make up a vital community. We also know that connecting with each other is the first step of getting involved in building your community. 

Have a look at this informative infographic about the importance of social connection.

Connect to Thrive INFOGRAPHIC

Our High River is committed to fostering connection throughout our community.

Our first priority is supporting and helping to grow awareness for the many connection opportunities already happening in High River. Check out the OHR Events page.

Our second priority is to create new connection initiatives where we think they will give value. Check out what we've created so far; 

How's Your 5?

Community Cafe

Great Neighbours

We Care...We Share!

If you have an idea to add, share it on the idea page!