Community Mentors

Alison Laycraft            

  • I like to work with people and projects that are at the idea stage. I like to connect to the people and resources that can help to move them forward with their plans.

Bonnie & Tom Sales

  • If you have an idea that you feel you might be able to commercialize and build into a business we can help. We have set up various businesses and have also bought businesses and got them back on track to success.  

Fred Stegmeier             

  • I like to support people who are navigating highly collaborative, somewhat complex projects. I have been dealing with municipal and provincial governments for many years and have a good understanding of how bureaucracies work. I am also very familiar with making presentations to those agencies. I have contract management and negotiation skils as well as experience in non-profit agencies.

Jodi Dawson

  • I can help at the very early stages of a project idea. I can help explore options, choose the one that most resonates with you and help to build an action plan to get it to the next level - build support, begin to build numbers - early stage, what do I need to be successful. I can also be an accountability partner to help ensure you take the steps you commit to. 

Judy McMillan-Evans

  • In relation to community projects, my passions lie in project conceptualization, project planning, project relationship development, project implementation and project evaluation. Over the past 25 years, I have developed, planned, implemented and evaluated over 150 community projects, and teach community project management. Also, if you have an idea that you want to explore commercializing, I can help. 

Laura Brankovich

  • I can help to synthesize ideas and help you package your ideas so that they are heard. I can help with structuring your ideas and even help with some ideas to access funding. 

Lisa Reinders

  • I can help with a community driven project that has some support. I can help navigate the process so that people feel good about it and not become discouraged. My help is best offered when an idea is fully formed.

Michael Bittante             

  • I would like to offer my knowledge of the health care system specifically for people who are looking at accessing accommodation and care services for their elderly loved ones. I also enjoy helping organizations and individuals grow using my expertise in management and leadership practices. I have a Masters in organizational development (systems thinking, change management, psychometric testing, etc) and extensive experience in large complex organizations.

Robert Lam

  • Driven by his passion for technology, business and learning, Robert has a natural curiosity about the nature, the people and the convergent of technologies they create.  He is continuously studying and researching for the understandings to some of the most challenging social and economic paradoxes.
  • Robert has worked for over 20 years as a technology architect and technology management consultant helping commercial, government and not-for-profit organizations aligning advanced technology with business needs to achieve vital mission and organizational goals. He involves with non-profit board works actively, and is a volunteer instructor with the Board Development Program; Culture and Tourism Ministry.
  • Robert is also a passionate educator seeking passionate learners and innovators to celebrating the creative ideas. Two particular areas that Robert likes to research and experiment, and if you would like to bring your ideas to the next level, perhaps he can provide some mentoring and support.
  1. Building an agile business model for a start-up
  2. Developing a circular economy in High River

Sandra Oleksiw

  • As an experienced professional development coach I can assist people in taking their ideas of investment in our community, determine their viability and support them in developing a plan of action.
    If in the pursuit of implementing their plan, people encounter difficulty I could coach them in finding ways of overcoming barriers or altering/adapting their goals.

There are lots of people throughout High River who have experience and expertise with shaping ideas, building business cases, rallying support and executing projects.

On this page, you will find names for some of these people and they are willing to help. If you need a hand moving an idea to action, get in touch with the person/people on this page that you think can help you the most.

To connect with a mentor, you must be a member of this site. Simply click on the name, you will be taken to their profile page and then click on the message box at the top righthand side of the page.