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OHR - The Collective Impact Model

Collective Measurement

Collective measurement is one of the main tools that we will use to see how working better together is moving the needle on change in our community.  The Vital Signs program is a tool to "check in" and see how we're doing. You can get involved by attending a monthly Community Café and participating in Vital Conversations about where we are and where we are going!

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What is Collective Impact??

Basically, it is a philosophy of working together to make change!  Collective impact provides a framework to help support collaboration across sectors including business, government, social profit organizations, and citizens to implement change that has a greater impact than if we work alone.

The role of 'Our High River' in High River's collective impact is to act as a "connector" to support citizens, government, business, and social profits to work together to improve our overall quality of life. 

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