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Challenge of the week: Courageous Conversations

Community is built on relationships and relationships are built on communication.  Despite the importance of these three things- essential to our physical and mental health- we usually just let it happen.  While we spend hours learning other things, playing games, we rely on the communication we picked up along the way.  We wing it.

Communication is a skill – actually a set of skills.  Think about those people you know who can really listen, who can choose the right words for what they want to share, who can keep calm even when things get heated. I could write a million words on the different pieces that make up great communication- but do t worry I’m just going to pick one thing for us to focus on this week.


Communication isn’t always easy, or pretty- it can be awkward (Grade 7), bungled, disappointing, non-existent.

The trick is to keep at it- it matters.  It matters because of the first sentence of this blog, relations and community are essential to our wellbeing.

So the challenge this week is courageous conversation.  Is there something you want to say that you aren’t? Do you need to bring something up? Have you given up on trying to be heard or understood?

Try again.

I love the word courageous- it comes from the French word for heart – couer.  Take heart, have heart- speak from your heart.  If you keep at it you will be heard, you will be understood, you will be known- and that feels great.

Finally- communication is not all about words, in fact experts say 70 percent is non-verbal, 20 percent is tone and inflection and only 10 percent is what you say.  Notice.  Use it all.  Say what you need to say, it’s good for you and it’s good for us.

Have a great week- let us know how it goes.