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All We Share

I think we (sometimes) take for granted all the things we share as a community.  We love our community, without question.  But when is the last time you slowed your busy and reflected on that?  I admit, with the schedule I keep – I am guilty of not doing that.  But this morning watching a youtube video it really hit me.  We share so much!

Yesterday a group of gals and I were driving back from Lethbridge talking about different sites to visit in Southern Alberta and it reminded me of when I visited Frank Slide in the spring following our flood.  Reading the stories from their tragedy really struck a comparative cord with me about what we went through together in High River.  The women in the car agreed and we chatted about that for a few minutes.

Now that we are past recovery and into our “new normal” the bond we have as a community is pretty amazing.  I’ve met people at Community Cafe who moved to our town because they saw that and wanted to be part of it.  Isn’t that so cool?

Ultimately I wanted to share this video with you today…it’s one of my fav’s…and although it’s about Denmark….I think we can all relate High River style.

Have an amazing week my friends!